Patio Time with Ellie

Patio Time with Ellie

How great is it when the weekend comes and you can finally hang out with your pup all day? BUT, then you decide to go somewhere they aren’t allowed! That look on their face when you’re saying goodbye & heading out the door….it’s like they KNOW it’s the weekend & now you’re going to leave them home alone?!  Does anyone else feel absolutely terrible when this happens?  I sure do!  That is why, as much as I absolutely LOVE brunch, I love brunch that much more when I can bring my Ellie.



Welcome to the Patio on Goldfinch where as nice as they are to the human customers, they’re even nicer to the ones with four legs.  The customer service shines at The Patio!  Each host, server, and culinary team members were so friendly and made a point to say hi to our table and my pup.  It doesn’t stop there though, they loved spoiling her with their homemade dog treats!



The atmosphere here is very warm and welcoming with a little bit of a modern style mixed with a cozy at home feel.  The covered, dog friendly patio is located at the front of the restaurant where there is a fireplace, strung-up market lights, rustic ceiling fans, and lush greenery all over the walls.



When you first walk in, it seems small, but as you pass the patio, it leads to the main bar, and then to a larger dining room.  This back room gives you this feeling of romantic luxury with vintage chairs,  chandeliers, and a second living plant wall.  It is absolutely stunning!



Once we got settled and got Ellie comfortable, we finally got to ordering!  Another extensive drink menu, but we decided to stick with the specific brunch cocktails.  We were not disappointed!!!


  • Breakfast of Champions (Bourbon, Cinnamon, Coffee, House Cocounut Cream, Pork Belly Garnish) – When ordering this, I thought it was actually a hot drink, but it came out in a cold tiki glass instead.  The pork belly garnish makes this cocktail smell of maple, creamy goodness, but it tasted even better!



  • A Rosé By Any Other Name (Vodka, Rosemary, Lemon, Sparkling Rosé) – This drink screams “Yay, Weekend!”  Not only do I think that, but our server, Alex, said so himself.  This boozy drink is very forward, refreshing, & the rosemary adds the perfect touch!



  • Not Your Rolling Wheel (Cutwater Three Sheets Rum, Mezan Xo Jamaican Rum, Passionfruit, Orange, Lime, Orange Twist) – I loved them all, but this was probably my favorite.  Beautifully presented, smells of oranges, tastes of passion fruit, and was heavenly.  I only wish it came in a bigger glass!



  • Grapefruit Handcrafted Soda (Grapefruit, Lime) – Non-alcoholic home made soda.  Fresh & crisp.



Moving on to our main entrees…


  • Cinnamon Roll



I once saw a photo of their Cinnamon Rolls on their Instagram so we had to try it!  Shaped as a square made is easy for sharing and makes you feel that every bite is a middle piece.  I wasn’t expecting to like the raisins on it, but was pleasantly surprised!  My favorite part though was the bottom. Wasn’t overly sweet, but full of flavor.


  • Dungeness Crab Hash (Poached Eggs, Red Potatoes Corn, Summer Squash, Bearnaise)



Very nicely presented until you stick your fork in it and mix it all together.  The crab was amazing mixed with the poached eggs and the fix-ins.  I would say the flavor of the corn and the crab made this hash POP!


  • Slow Roasted Pork Belly Benedict (Tomato Confit, Hollandaise, Grilled Levain)



At first I didn’t know where the pork belly was and then found it hiding under the arugula.  It was was messy and very difficult to eat, but the sweet & saltiness of what I was looking for in this benedict was definitely there.


  • The Patio Breakfast (Two Eggs Any Style, Choice of Bacon or Chicken Sausage, House Potatoes, Biscuit)



Sometimes you just have to keep it simple with the classic breakfast.  The highlights of this entree was the simplicity of scrambled eggs, crispy potatoes and the home made biscuit.


For an added bonus, Ellie also got to enjoy brunch off of the menu:


  • Side of Eggs (Scrambled) – divided them in three helpings and needless to say, she woof’d them down!



As I mentioned before, I love being able to brunch with my dog, so if you know of a great dog friendly brunch spots, please drop it in the comments below.  Ellie and I are looking forward coming back to The Patio on Goldfinch again soon!


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Look at that face!  She loves The Patio on Goldfinch!


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