Once Just Isn’t Enough!

Once Just Isn’t Enough!

Nestled in the heart of Little Italy, San Diego, you will find this historic Victorian house that was built in 1905.  Queenstown Public House isn’t the average restaurant you would find in “Little Italy,” but is actually a New Zealand style of restaurant.  It’s corner location with NZ flags and usual long lines of patrons waiting for a table, makes it easy to spot.  It is open for lunch and dinner, but most importantly, brunch on Saturday and Sunday’s.  The dog friendly, outdoor patio, takes up most of the restaurant as it is located in the front and sides of the house.  If you have a pup, be sure to bring them as they will love this location as well.  Upon arrival, you can stop for treats at the hostess stand or wait to be greeted at your table as they deliver special treats to your four legged fur child.

They even have their own house dog – Clark the Frenchie.  Be sure to check out his own Instagram!


Once you take seat, take a look around and you will be transported into a greenhouse.  I love what they have done with the design of QueenstownPH – it is colorful and inviting with windows made of doors, old rocking chairs, market lights, watering cans filled with plants, upside down hanging tulips from the ceilings, colanders for lights, and a rustic canoe on the wall of the inside bar!



I knew this would be the perfect brunch spot after a full day of moving (we recently moved from Mission Valley to Downtown which means we got to walk here!).  After taking a look at the menu, we knew immediately that we would have to return.  The variety of options available are very large and there were too many plates we wanted to try.  Once we ate our two, very filling and hearty entrees, I decided right then and there that we would come back the following weekend for Part 2 of Brunch at Queenstown Public House.  Hence,

Once Just Isn’t Enough!  

Keep scrolling to see Weekend #1 and Weekend #2 picks:


Weekend #1 –

We brought Ellie the first weekend and sat outside on the Porch Patio.  She LOVED it and the little treats that were given to her.


Blood Orange Mimosa – Not a small mimosa by any means, good size, full of that blood orange flavor and not too tart



Bellini (pol clement champagne, fresh strawberries, and peaches) – The taste of sweet peaches, bubbles, & a sugared strawberry garnish is just what I needed after a morning of unpacking boxes.



Cure – (house made biscuit, gravy tots, scrambled eggs; with choice of chicken sausage, bacon, or fried chicken)



Heavenly tots!  Eat these alone or dipped in the gravy, and you are set!  Eat them separately, and you have delicious tots with some spicy gravy and fried chicken.  Both the gravy and fried chicken were very good, however, the spice was above average for me so I couldn’t enjoy it to its fullest.


 Oink (jalapeno corn bread hoison pulled pork, poached egg, jalapeno cayenne hollandaise sauce, garlic kale) –



Out of the two weekends of brunching at Queenstown, I can officially say that this is my favorite item on the menu.  The pulled pork is so sweet and tasty and the hollandaise sauce is full of spice and flavor.  It is spicy, but not overpowering like the fried chicken.  The jalapeno cornbread is also fantastic! I thought it was going to be hot, but it had just enough of a small kick.  The texture and flavors pair together so well and with the kale, it gives it a nice crunch. Before you know it, you’ll be scarfing this down like a pig.

Weekend #2


We didn’t want to wait for a long period of time to be sat, so we waited a few short minutes for a spot at the inside bar to open up (no Ellie with us this time).  The bar is first come, first serve and is a little tight on space if you plan on having a bigger meal like us, but we made it work.  Service was still excellent and we got to watch the bartenders make all their fun cocktails!


Peach Basil Sangria (pinot grigio, fresh peaches, basil, champagne) – The basil was a nice touch to this sangria, but I couldn’t quite find the peach flavor I was looking for.



Mint Prosecco Sangria (chilled prosecco, fresh strawberries, fresh mint) – Better of the two sangrias with more flavor from the strawberries and mint leaves.  I also felt this one was more “bubbly” which I enjoyed much more!



French Toast (challah bread French toast, strawberries, syrup, Nueske’s bacon)



French Toast was my go-to breakfast growing up & what started my love for brunch so when a restaurant makes it with challah, it is definitely something I have to try.  If you haven’t had challah French toast, you are missing out! This French toast was huge!  It came with three thick pieces, fresh strawberries, honey butter, and syrup.  The toast had a great fluffiness to it and was exactly what I was hoping for.  The honey butter made it different from other restaurants as well.  With three monstrous pieces, I did have to ask for more syrup.


Chicken & Waffles (fried chicken, fresh house made waffles, honey butter)



Paired very nicely together.  Another item to ask for more syrup for.  The waffles were nothing extravagant, but they were fantastic with the chicken.  The chicken here was very similar to the chicken from the Cure.  Same seasoning which made it pretty spicy, but oh the crunchy goodness to it!  When you pair the bites with the honey butter, waffle, and syrup, it does tame the spice.




Everything at Queenstown Public House was all around wonderful.  Hearty, home cooked meals that will fill you up for the rest of the day!  You cannot go wrong with any of the options here.



Another few things to note about Queenstown Public House:

  • You cannot make reservations, first come first serve only
  • Queenstown Public House is 113 years old!
  • Street Parking, but we walked as we just moved up the street.
  • Dog Friendly, but be sure to check out the rules of the house HERE!



Looking forward to walking here again soon!



  • Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

    June 1, 2018

    Wow lucky you living walking distance! I’ve tried their chicken pot pie dish which is so delicious. Now I might have to stop by for brunch too! I’d have to go for something not too spicy but all that fried chicken looks amazing!

    • admin

      June 24, 2018

      Hi Lynn! Let me know when you try it out and you can’t go wrong! Everything is so tasty!