Brunch is Better Buzzed

Brunch is Better Buzzed

I have been wanting to start my blog for a while now and have decided that today is the day!  With my favorite coffee shop opening its doors to its newest location in Hillcrest, I knew this had to be my first post.  Not only is it just a new location, but it is a multi-level building with enough seating for all of the coffee lovers that walk thru the door.

I have been anticipating this grand opening for months now and here we are!  My favorite coffee + brunch = a delicious Sunday!

The line went out the door which was expected for opening weekend, but the staff kept everyone informed of the wait and passed out samples on occasion.  It didn’t take as long to order as we thought and even though the place looked quite full, we were able to find a seat right away.

As we waited for our order, I made sure to pay attention to every detail and let me just say, they did a phenomenal job incorporating their “Buzz Life” culture into this coffee bar.  From the light up marquee “BUZZ” sign that captures your attention the moment you walk in, the hanging lights, the multitude of different shapes that make you feel like you are in a beehive, menus shaped as honeycombs, and the “B’s” on all the high top tables, they sure didn’t miss a buzz.

When our ‘Best Drink Ever’ and ‘Caramel Buzz’ were ready, we couldn’t wait for those first sips and to try the new menu offerings.


  • Caramel Buzz – an amazing sweet, caramel blended drink that will light up your day.  It doesn’t have a strong coffee flavor which makes it ideal for those novice coffee drinkers.


  • Best Drink Ever (classic americano with their signature vanilla powder) – that really is the name of it!  A friend of mine told me years ago to order it and I asked her repeatedly, “Erika, I will try it, but tell me the name.”  “Best Drink Ever.”  “I get that it’s the best, but what is it called?” “BEST DRINK EVER.” ohhhh….got it!  And it’s true, it really is the best drink ever (hot or iced)!


  • Acai Bowl (vanilla granola, fresh berries, bananas, honey, + almond butter) –



The presentation of the acai bowl was the best part of it.  Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful with fresh fruit flavors and the portion was bigger than most bowls I have had before.  It was good, especially with the added almond butter, it just wasn’t my favorite acai bowl.


  • Better Breakfast Sandwich (cage free fried egg, thick cut bacon, havarti, arugula, garlic aioli on a pretzel bun)



The sandwich was very good and light which was unexpected along with the pretzel bun.  It was very gooey and cheesy and the pretzel bun added a great salt flavor to the breakfast sandwich.  The downside was that not every bite had the garlic aioli and it was very messy, but I can’t wait to order this again another time!



  • Lavender Croissant – This croissant first caught my eye on Instagram from the @BetterBuzz homepage, and I knew I just had to try it!



It is light and fluffy like you would hope a croissant to be.  The lavender flavor tastes creamy & sweet and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it!

Altogether, it is a great place to relax or work with a delicious cup of coffee any day of the week and a fun place for a Sunday morning brunch!

Life really is better buzzed!




  • Ken Carrion

    February 13, 2018

    From a guy who is not a big time coffee drinker every time we visit San Diego “Better Buzz” is definitely a stop for a cup of Carmel Buzz!

  • Cloonan Surfer Tim

    February 15, 2018

    On my way! Sold on your comments & pictures!!!