Farm to Brunch

Farm to Brunch

In the heart of the Gaslamp District, you will find one of the most popular San Diego brunch spots, Cafe 21.  Known for using locally sourced, organic, and seasonal ingredients, they thrive on the “farm-to-table” experience.  Add in their rustic outdoor patio made for people watching downtown, overexposed brick, & contrasting colors and patterns, and Cafe 21 will give you casual, urban feel.

While waiting for a table, I gave myself my own tour of their upstairs dining area, wine wall, and their bar.  This is where the magic happens –  filled with greenery & science equipment, you know a delicious cocktail will be presented to you shortly. BTW, I love when a bar uses chemistry tools to make cocktails (beakers, graduated cylinders, erlenmeyer flasks, etc.).



After sitting down in the cutest booth, it was time for the tough decisions…coffee, Bloody Mary, sangria, mojito’s, giant martini’s, or mimosas?  All great choices, but I knew I had to try their…




  • Mimosa Flight (All 6 of their Seasonal Selections) – A flight of mimosas?! Umm, yes please!  Can brunch get any better?  This flight included six different flavors and were all worthy of first class seating!


My favorites from left to right:




Black Sesame Vanilla

A Greenhouse Eatery

With locations in Pacific Beach, Hillcrest, and Liberty Station, I decided to have my first visit at Fig Tree Cafe at its flagship neighborhood of Pacific Beach (PB).

Hidden just off the beach and in the quaint neighborhoods surrounding PB, you will find Fig Tree Cafe hidden in the trees and tucked away in an adorable cottage.  There seemed to be a long wait by looking at the amount of people standing outside, however, we only waited about 15-20 minutes.  As the host walked us to our table, we passed by many seating areas Fig Tree Cafe has to offer.  With so many different sections, you couldn’t tell how crowded the restaurant was.  It was quiet even though the restaurant was full.



Covered with plants and flowers, I felt like I was in a greenhouse or looking for a secret fort.  I loved the ambiance of Fig Tree and all of its decor.  Even Ron Burgundy enjoys brunch at Fig Tree Cafe!



I love a great cocktail with brunch and Fig Tree Cafe provided me with an amazing list of choices!  From the classic mimosa, Bellini, and Bloody Mary’s, to their coffee cocktails, kombacha on tap, antioxidant shots, and beermosa’s, it was a tough decision (however, I will be back to try them)!

And the winners are…

  • Cookie Dough Latte (monthly special)  –

The Sweetest Spot in Liberty Station

Before there was brunch, bottomless mimosas, and trendy cinnamon rolls, the only place you used to be able to get one was at the local Cinnabon Restaurant at the mall. Growing up in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, my dad used to take me there regularly to enjoy father-daughter time and share a cinnamon roll together.  It was definitely some of the best (or most yummy) times as I sat with my legs dangling on the chair next to him trying to get all the middle bites.  Of course, I didn’t have to try that hard as he always let me have the middle.

I think this is where my love of cinnamon rolls began! And now, here I am, looking for all the best San Diego has to offer with this dessert breakfast item.

Everyone has their own version of the Cinnamon Roll, but if you are looking for just an amazing, classic bun, then Con Pane is the place to go!  Known for their traditional artisan breads and breakfast pastries, they are home to the BEST “classic” Cinnamon Roll in San Diego!



As you walk inside to order, there is a long line that will await you, BUT don’t let discourage you.  It is well worth the wait! As you are standing in line, be sure to watch the bakers making bread and slicing it right in front of you.

Patio Time with Ellie

How great is it when the weekend comes and you can finally hang out with your pup all day? BUT, then you decide to go somewhere they aren’t allowed! That look on their face when you’re saying goodbye & heading out the door….it’s like they KNOW it’s the weekend & now you’re going to leave them home alone?!  Does anyone else feel absolutely terrible when this happens?  I sure do!  That is why, as much as I absolutely LOVE brunch, I love brunch that much more when I can bring my Ellie.



Welcome to the Patio on Goldfinch where as nice as they are to the human customers, they’re even nicer to the ones with four legs.  The customer service shines at The Patio!  Each host, server, and culinary team members were so friendly and made a point to say hi to our table and my pup.  It doesn’t stop there though, they loved spoiling her with their homemade dog treats!



The atmosphere here is very warm and welcoming with a little bit of a modern style mixed with a cozy at home feel.  The covered, dog friendly patio is located at the front of the restaurant where there is a fireplace, strung-up market lights, rustic ceiling fans, and lush greenery all over the walls.



When you first walk in,

Brunch with Madison

Not actually a hidden gem considering the name of the restaurant tells you the name of the street it is located on, but I still think of it as a hidden gem to me.  I have been wanting to try the Madison on Park for months after reading about it in the San Diego Magazine and never realized how close it was to my house.  Right up Texas in University Heights and poof!  There is was!  Has it really been right here this whole time?!

I immediately recognized the blue building from their Instagram and got a little giddy trying a new brunch spot!  The front of the building is sleek and trendy with the garage door windows.  Instead of going thru the front door like you would think, you actually enter the Madison from the alleyway.  It smells of fresh wood and has artwork all along the side of the building.  Thinking it was leading me to an indoor restaurant, it actually takes you to the dining area that is outside and inside!  Their half-hexagon, vaulted ceiling is built over the dining room.  My first impression is that the Madison on Park is very trendy. The decor and colors of the restaurant give it a 1960’s vibe.  Although trendy, it doesn’t exclude age groups as I noticed people of all ages enjoying brunch.


After looking over the menu, I quickly noticed their extensive cocktail selection (more drinks than food)! 

Brunch is Better Buzzed

I have been wanting to start my blog for a while now and have decided that today is the day!  With my favorite coffee shop opening its doors to its newest location in Hillcrest, I knew this had to be my first post.  Not only is it just a new location, but it is a multi-level building with enough seating for all of the coffee lovers that walk thru the door.

I have been anticipating this grand opening for months now and here we are!  My favorite coffee + brunch = a delicious Sunday!

The line went out the door which was expected for opening weekend, but the staff kept everyone informed of the wait and passed out samples on occasion.  It didn’t take as long to order as we thought and even though the place looked quite full, we were able to find a seat right away.

As we waited for our order, I made sure to pay attention to every detail and let me just say, they did a phenomenal job incorporating their “Buzz Life” culture into this coffee bar.  From the light up marquee “BUZZ” sign that captures your attention the moment you walk in, the hanging lights, the multitude of different shapes that make you feel like you are in a beehive, menus shaped as honeycombs, and the “B’s” on all the high top tables, they sure didn’t miss a buzz.

When our ‘Best Drink Ever’